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    The Crucifixion and the Shroud is a non-denominational presentation that has been presented in churches, apartment complexes, schools, funeral homes, prisons, and other venues throughout the United States. It has been seen by over 3000 at a time. No venue is unheard of, and no number is too big or too small. This is a dramatic presentation on the forensics (medical details) of the Crucifixion and the much disputed Shroud of Turin (a linen cloth many believe to be the burial cloth of Christ). Divided into two parts, with a slide/music meditation joining them, the first part focuses on the physical sufferings of Jesus. While the object of the crucifixion part of the presentation is not to focus on why Christ died, but rather how, the question why is hopefully always in mind. Using replicas of the flagra (whips), nails, crown of thorns, and showing actual plants from Israel that would have made up the crown of thorns, as well as a host of other props and pictures, this portion of the presentation is by far the most dramatic, drawing a person into the actual Crucifixion of Jesus Himself. The participants are able to glimpse what it would have been like for Jesus to be crucified, the ultimate gift of love.
    The Shroud of Turin portion of the presentation offers an explanation of what it is and probes the variety of tests and discoveries made with the shroud. Forgery techniques are discussed rather minutely as there has yet to be a forgery technique that duplicates what we see in the shroud. The 1988 carbon dating test is highly discussed, and the mystery and the message of the shroud are sought. There are a multitude of images shown to guide the participant along with the easy-to-understand explanations as to why this cloth is so fascinating and so important. Through all of this, the facts are simply presented. The belief in the shroud's authenticity is not directly affirmed by the presenter, but rather the participants are invited to answer for themselves Christ's ever-present question, "Who do you say that I am?"
    In order to utilize all types of learning, all five senses of the human body are involved. Using props, pictures, slides, music, and even something to taste and smell, the essence of what Christ suffered for us and what some say He left for us as a reminder is captured and imprinted on the mind.

    The presentation itself runs exactly an hour. After the presentation, the participants are welcomed to come up and touch the props and see the pictures up close. Questions and more discussion is also openly given.

    In order to advertise the presentation, should you choose to allow it to come to you, a bulletin insert/flyer that is personalized and free for copying will be provided, as well as PDF Posters for you to be able to copy and distribute, and you may also want to seek your own methods of advertising.  Once a date, time, and place is established, the presentation will be posted on this website free of charge.

    Contrary to what you might expect, there is no set charge for this presentation. This is to ensure that all parishes, youth groups, and schools, regardless of economic status, have the opportunity to witness and experience the presentation. However, where there is burdensome travel, lodging, or meals that must be met, those would be expected to be covered. Some distant presentations will have a limited display due to travel limitations. Since our exhibit now requires the use of a cargo van, we do ask that the costs associated with the van be covered.

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